Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 11 Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missoula, Montana to Clarkston, Washington
Miles Traveled Today: 239.1
Total miles: 3422.2

Our first fatality today. Ol' Bessie came up lame yesterday, and she became terminal today, so we are now short one motorcycle. She will be shipped back to Friendship, and Jeff will do what he can to revive her. Not too likely, but one never knows.

So that leaves us with four people and three bikes, so we had to "two-up" on one of the bikes today, toss out some of the old clothing, and ship back other items to Friendship, just like Lewis and Clark sent back items of interest to President Jefferson. Just so everyone is clear, Paul and Jeff did not do the two-up. Both wanted to sit on the back and take pictures (and maybe a nap), so to settle the matter, both drove.

We were at the shop until after 2:00, so it was a very late start on a very hot day. It was mid to upper 90s, and it felt much like a blast furnace. The ride, however, was unforgettable. Highway 12 from Missoula to Lewiston never leaves sight of the rivers, first the Lochsa, then the Clearwater, and finally the Snake as we crossed the bridge into Clarkston.

There is only one thing wrong with riding on such scenic roads. The driver is supposed to pay attention to the road. One wrong turn and it's into the river. Take a look at the pictures and notice the curves in the road as they mirror the river. The video was the best we could do, considering the camera is being held as the bike is leaning into corners and weaving through turns. Turn your volume down as there is mostly static from the engine sound.

We will continue to look for another "horse" as we make our way westward. We should reach the Pacific either tomorrow or the following day, depending on weather, activities, endurance, and "horse-trading."

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