Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 15 Sunday, July 10, 2011

Springfield, Oregon
Miles Traveled Today: 0.0
Total Miles: 4201.4

Sometimes it's okay not to act your age. We had a great time at Crater Lake today, which will be obvious after looking at the following photos. DeAnn's Uncle Everett hauled us all the way there, and along the way he showed us a couple of places we would have completely missed had we been on our own.

The first stop was a salmon hatchery where there were fingerlings in one large tank and full sized salmon and trout in another. The salmon were leaping 3-4 feet out of the water trying to get out. They are held there and "milked" for eggs for fertilization later.

Next we stopped at Salt Creek Falls. The pictures tell the story.

As fun as it was to see the fish and hike to the falls, Crater Lake proved to be unbelieveable. First of all, the snow was incredibly deep yet.

Once we reached the first lookout point, we realized just what an awesome place this was.

Then we became a little more daring. It's a long drop over that edge.

We made it up to the visitor's center, and, of course, childhood took over.

Our aim was true. Everett took one for the team, right in the chest.

Despite the shennanigans, the view was incredible, and we really appreciated the opportunity to see a part of our great country that is second to none.

We were even fortunate enough to see a Clark's Nutcracker, named for William Clark, so despite this trip not being a part of the expedition's trail, at least we had something that was related.

Then it was a long trip back home for a cookout with Everett's (and DeAnn's) family. A truly inspiring day.

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