Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 19 Thursday, July 14, 2011

East Glacier, Montana to Big Timber, Montana
Miles Traveled Today: 373.0
Total Miles: 5479.6

Well, we have dodged pheasants in the Dakotas and prairie dogs in Montana. Today we had to dodge Mother Nature. We started out in very cool temps and some wind, and by the time we reached Browning, the wind was really gusting, probably 30-40 mph. We were being buffeted all over the road.

We were taking Hwy. 89 south, and once the wind let up, the clouds showed up, so it was dodge 'em with the raindrops. Sometimes we won, but a couple of times, we were hit by very cold, biting rain. It stings like thouands of little needles on your face.

During one of the lulls, we picked up the Lewis and Clark Trail again, and near the Marias River there is an historic site that mentions Lewis encountering the Blackfeet, and the only military action that ever took place during the expedition. Two Blackfeet were killed, and Lewis and his three companion hightailed it out of there, finally working their way back to the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers, where Clark was waiting patiently for them.

On Hwy. 89, we were between two mountain ranges and in between two cloudbursts. The following video shows what the area was like.

Finally we reached I-90 and the Yellowstone River, picking up Clark's trail just east of Bozeman, Montana. We followed it a short way to the campsite and called it a day.

By the way, the videos from yesterday are now up. Check them out if you like.

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