Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 14 Saturday, July 9, 2011

Springfield, Oregon
Miles Traveled Today: 11.0
Total Miles: 4201.4

Well, horse-trader Jeff finally found a replacement for Ol' Bessie. Ginny is still trying to find a name for her. She is a 2011 Victory Cross Country. Any suggestions, let us know.

That used up a good portion of the day, so we decided that the rest of the day should be spent taking care of some items in the old bucket list. First of all, actually setting foot in the Pacific Ocean was achieved.

All of us, including DeAnn's Uncle Everett and his two beagles, Brodie and Bentley, had a great time roaming the beaches looking for sand dollars and chasing sea gulls.

After a great seafood dinner at Mo's in Florence, Oregon, we were able to catch the sunset, another item checked off.

A great day, especially since we are back to 4 bikes. Ginny is much relieved. Don't forget to send suggestions for a name for her bike via email or comments.

Got back about 10:30, and we are going to start out early for another bucket list item: Crater Lake.

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