Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 13 Friday, July 8, 2011

Astoria, Oregon to Springfield, Oregon
Miles Driven Today: 314.8
Total Miles: 4190. 4

Woke up this morning to cool, overcast skies. Headed for Cape Disappointment, where Lewis and Clark decided, disappointedly, that they could not spend the winter on the northern beach because the weather would have too much negative effect on them. They then opted for Fort Clatsop across the Columbia River. That was our second stop.

At Cape Disappointment we hiked the three-quarter mile trail to the lighthouse through some very impressive old growth forest. From the lighthouse we had a great view of the ocean, as well as the interpretive center. Once we hiked back, the center was open for a tour.
At Fort Clatsop we walked through the visitor's center and then hiked down to see the replica fort.
From there we hike the short distance to the landing site of Lewis and Clark.

By the time we finished it was about 12:30, so we headed down the coast on Highway 101. As beautiful as the natural world is in the northwest, the traffic drove us crazy. Stop and go, long lights, Sunday drivers on Friday. We didn't stay on the coast highway long. Took Highway 6 over the Cascades and headed for the Eugene Harley shop. Still no luck replacing Ol' Bessie. We arrived at DeAnn's uncle's house in Springfield about 7:00. Rest of the evening spent spinning yarns and telling tales. Time for our "winter encampment" to begin.

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